Wekalet Behna

Artist Talk with Natasha Sadr Haghaghian

About the talk
“Artistic research beyond mediums”
Research is often employed in preparation for an object in art, or alternatively, becomes the main body in essay work where form becomes irrelevant. Exploring research outside of the scope of medium specific functionality of accumulating knowledge that would be translated into form, we ask: what is a method of artistic research that surpasses medium function, and yet remains in conversation with forms it creates and emerges ?from
Natasha’s Bio
As an artist who disagrees with the traditional ways of bio writings and identification in relations to dates and countries, Natascha Sadr Haghighian is known for assuming multiple identities. Her official press releases and gallery biographies conflict on country of origin, date of birth, and place of residence
Her work is primarily concerned with investigating the structural underpinnings and relationships of complicity between the respective complexes of politics, commerce, and
industry, and in turn, their roles in dictating the shape and structure of mundane life